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5 Tips for Managing Winter Dry Eye

Colder weather and dry indoor heat can wreak havoc on eyes vulnerable to dryness. You can’t cure dry eyes in the winter, but you can manage them so you’re not as uncomfortable. Read on to learn how.

Jan 1st, 2020
5 Reasons to Consider LASIK Eye Surgery

If you want freedom from corrective eyewear, here are some great reasons to consider LASIK eye surgery. This simple procedure reshapes the cornea at the front of your eye to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Dec 1st, 2019
How Does Diabetes Affect Your Eyes?

Living well with diabetes means keeping your blood sugar in check and taking special care of your eyes and feet. A yearly eye exam is the best way to prevent diabetes-related eye complications.

Oct 1st, 2019
Myths and Facts About Contact Lenses

Contact lenses improve various eye conditions and have no frames to see around. They don’t fog up like glasses and are a smart choice for sports and other physical activities. Get the facts to learn if it’s time to trade in your glasses for contacts.

Aug 9th, 2019
Summertime Tips for Dealing With Chronic Dry Eye

Weather can have a big impact on symptoms of dry eyes. You can keep your symptoms in check this summer and get some relief with our practical tips that are easy to incorporate into your summer fun.

Jul 25th, 2019
Who Is Most Susceptible to Macular Degeneration?

The health of your macula — part of the retina — is vital. It determines your ability to read, write, drive, recognize faces, watch television, and use a computer. Certain factors increase the risk of macular degeneration. Learn what they are.

Jun 21st, 2019
Choosing the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

Everyone’s face shape is unique in its angles and lines. Knowing your basic face shape is one of the keys to choosing the perfect pair of glasses that look great and help you feel good in your choice of eyewear.

May 20th, 2019
What’s It Really Like to Get LASIK?

Considering LASIK? If you’ve had to rely on glasses and contacts, the idea of having your vision corrected is exciting. Many patients feel better prepared when they know what to expect before, during, and after this procedure.

Apr 23rd, 2019
What Does a Comprehensive Eye Exam Entail?

Your eyes are one of the most complex organs in your body. Protecting your vision and keeping your eyes healthy involves partnering with an eye specialist who can perform regular exams to detect and treat eye problems.

Mar 14th, 2019
How Cataracts Impact Your Vision

Thanks to advances in technology, having cataracts — the clouding of your eye’s natural lens — no longer means you’ll lose your vision. A skilled surgeon can remove the cataract and replace it with clear lens.

Jan 9th, 2019
How to Prevent Contact-Related Eye Infections

Wearing contacts may increase your risk of eye infections, but you don’t have to ditch your lenses to protect your vision. These simple tips can help you avoid making common mistakes that can affect your eye health.

Oct 26th, 2018