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Eyewear Specialist

Valley Eye Professionals (An Optometric Corporation)

Optometrists located in Studio City, Los Angeles, CA

You need quality eyewear to improve your vision and protect your eyes, but you also want it to be stylish and complementary. For the latest in eyewear fashions, trust Valley Eye Professionals, located in the Studio City area of Los Angeles. The expert optometrists provide any lens prescriptions you may need that can translate into a myriad of options for glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses. Call the office or book an appointment online to learn about your designer eyewear options.

Eyewear Q & A

How do I get a prescription for eyewear?

Your optometrist at Valley Eye Professionals performs a comprehensive vision exam that provides you with an optimal prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

If you have a prescription from another provider, you’re welcome to bring that into the office and let the friendly staff help you find just the right frames and lens styles to meet your vision and aesthetic needs.

What are high-definition lenses?

Even if your glasses correct your vision to 20/20, you still may be dissatisfied with your results. It’s possible that certain irregularities in your eyes just can’t be corrected completely by conventional lenses. In these cases, high-definition lenses may be the answer.

Thanks to recent advances in lens manufacturing, high-definition lenses are now available to help correct these irregularities and provide you with sharper vision in all lighting. You’ll see the difference when you drive at night or perform other nighttime tasks.

Can I get glasses as a fashion accessory, even if I have good eyesight?

Valley Eye Professionals offers a number of nonprescription, designer sunglasses as well as fashion eyeglasses with clear, noncorrective lenses. If you’ve had your eyes checked and they don’t require correction, the optometrists have no problem with you getting plain or tinted lenses in frames of your choosing or getting contact lenses to enhance or change the color of your eyes.

What options are available if I want thin lenses?

Valley Eye Professionals offers thin, progressive lenses, which seamlessly give you three vision powers in one lens, as an option so you can enjoy the lightest, slimmest eyeglasses possible. These lenses are recommended especially when you have a very strong prescription for nearsightedness, which would require a thick lens in conventional lenses.

What brands of eyewear are available?

At Valley Eye Professionals, you have access to all the latest designer eyewear offerings. These include:

  • Chanel
  • Oliver Peoples
  • DITA
  • Céline
  • Tom Ford

You have other choices, too. Come in and try on frames to determine the ones that look best on you.

To browse the designer eyewear selection and options at Valley Eye Professionals, call today or book an appointment online.