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Sunglasses can make your look and, most importantly, protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous rays. Valley Eye Professionals located in the Studio City area of Los Angeles provides prescription and nonprescription sunglasses in the latest fashions. Call the office or book an appointment online to get fitted for sunglasses that match your style and vision needs today.

Sunglasses Q & A

Can my eyes get sunburned?

If you’re exposed to excessive levels of UV radiation from the sun in a concentrated period of time, you may experience a condition that’s like sunburn of the eye. This condition, known as photokeratitis, has symptoms that include:

  • Eye pain
  • Red eyes
  • Grittiness in the eyeballs
  • Light sensitivity
  • Excessive tearing

Although a single case of photokeratitis usually doesn’t cause long-term damage, it’s extremely uncomfortable. Sunglasses with the proper level of protection can prevent it.

What else can the sun do to my eyes?

The sun has ultraviolet rays that can tan and burn your skin and leave you vulnerable to skin cancer. These same rays can cause damage to your eyes. The effects of the sun on the eyes include:

  • Damage to the retina that can lead to macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the United States
  • Clouding of the eyes, known as cataracts
  • Tissue growth over the whites of the eyes that alters the curve and causes astigmatism, also known as pterygium

Researchers aren’t sure how much sun exposure increases your risk of these conditions, so you should protect yourself by wearing sunglasses that appropriately block out the sun’s rays.

What types of sun protection should I look for in sunglasses?

Your provider at Valley Eye Professionals can direct you toward sunglasses that block out 99-100% of both UVA and UVB radiation to help keep your vision clear and eyes healthy. You also benefit from lenses that screen out 75-90% of visible light. High-quality lenses from Valley Eye Professionals are perfectly matched in color and free of imperfections. And, optimal levels of protection are available in a number of fashionable styles.

What brands of sunglasses are available?

Valley Eye Professionals offers the top brands of sunglasses on the market today. These include:

  • Chanel
  • Oliver Peoples
  • DITA
  • Céline
  • Tom Ford

The expert staff helps you find just the right frames to match your face shape and style so you look your best while protecting the health of your eyes.

To get fitted for fashionable, protective sunglasses, call Valley Eye Professionals or book an appointment online.